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Our mission is to engage more people in the fight
for better life of needy people !
Make the right choice!
Help those who are in need.
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Our Mission

To guide the children to a healthy & protected livelihood and provide equal opportunity to all.

To save them from the shackles of poverty and violence through education.
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Our Goal

Our goal is to ceate a society where every child at risk on the street can have equal opportunity to a safe environment.

Our long term project is to bring underpriviledged chilren into mainstream life by providing counselling & support.

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About Edify

  • in the year 2006
  • takes preventive health measures for children
  • pre-primary education to grasroots children
  • councelling & support to underpriviledged

Education is the manifestation or perfection which is already there in man.

Swami Vivekanand
Edify Foundation | Home

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Edify Foundation
10/16, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata-700 040
Phone: 033 24710745 / 98830 49075
Email: edifyfoundation2006@gmail.com

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